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5th March 2015

World Class Books on World Book Day

Kio Global distributes world class multicultural and multilingual education resources globally.
Now, following a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, we publish resources too. Our first eBook, The Wedding Week, is publishing on Friday March 20th on Amazon and iTunes globally. The print editions will follow on May 1st.

The Wedding Week, available in English and American English Dual language edition of The Wedding Week in Yoruba and English

You’re invited to seven diverse weddings around the world!
Join Femi, Kemi and Geko the Lizard as each day they discover a new thing that happens at weddings, both in Africa and around the world. This vibrant story is set in Lagos, Nigeria.

Includes: days of the week, counting, food and family words,
new vocabulary in two languages and interesting facts on each culture

Available in 5 language editions:
English, American English, dual Yoruba and English, Igbo and English, Hausa and English
40 pages
For ages 4+

Order your copy here, on Amazon or iTunes

This story has been kindly road tested by primary school readers in Lagos, Nigeria. The Wedding Week, along with all the other books in the Kio Global collection, serves readers globally with high-quality resources relevant to their language, culture and learning.

The Illustrator

Illustrator Amber Cooper-Davies makes her debut in this full length picture book. She creates intricate hand-made, textured collages, making each page unique. Her illustrations in The Wedding Week range from exotic animals to home life in Africa, intimate vignettes to urban cityscapes and best of all, wedding celebrations in diverse cultures. Amber graduated with a first class degree in Illustration in 2013. 

The Author

Chimaechi Allan also debuts as a children's author. After reading English Literature at university, she worked in editorial at Random House and at While wedding planning in 2014, a talking lizard took her on a journey through wedding traditions around the world. She wrote down what he said. The Wedding Week is the result. 

The Publishing Company

Kio Global was founded when something funny happened in Lagos, Nigeria: Chimaechi Allan walked into a children's bookshop and saw no books with the local children or languages on them. They were all in English, and had no African children on the covers. The year was 2008. The irony was that, at the time, she was working at Random House in London, publishing the Tamarind Books list, a label dedicated to multicultural children's books. Kio Global was set up to join the dots, and provide the best resources to schools, charities and families around the world. Since then, Kio has featured at various education conferences and run literacy workshops in African schools.

Why Weddings?

Special occasions give readers a great opportunity to discuss our similarities with other cultures. We all like to eat, dance and wear special clothes. Wedding celebrations often provide an iconic image of a culture too, which is great for a picture book. New readers also get to talk about all the fun stuff listed below!

Talking Points and Curriculum Learning

Further to being a great story, perfect for the bedtime routine, The Wedding Week has many talking points, giving it a life beyond its covers:

  • Counting
  • Days of the week
  • Phonics 'ou' words
  • Food words
  • Family words
  • Clothing words
  • Urban words
  • Rural words
  • Anatomy words
  • Cultural words
  • EAL dual language resource
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • SMSC resource

The dual language editions promote literacy in readers' mother tongues as well as in English. Your support for this first edition will allow us to print The Wedding Week in even more languages.

For More Information and Review Copies

Email info [at] kioglobal [dot] com, like us on Facebook for updates, follow us for pithier updates.

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