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Big editions of Tolkien Twain and Pullman








Big editions of Tolkien, Pullman and Twain...

Or the stairs at Hackney Pirates?

Stairs at the Hackney Pirates

I was chuffed to be asked to inspire the current cohort of Hackney Pirates as they embarked upon a journey to write a new book this term. They used The Wedding Week as a jumping off point, and wanted to know how I came up with it and how much work is involved in writing a book.

After a whole term of hard work researching, imagining, writing, and redrafting, this week the pirates received their finished copies of their published work: Boom Bang: The Wonderful, Ultimate Book of Celebrations! (An awesome title if ever there was one.)

Boom Bang: The Wonderful, Ultimate Book of Celebrations by the Hackney Pirates

Spent a fantastic evening this week watching the pirates read excerpts and be presented with personal certificates. (Also enjoyed winning the game of Captain's Orders!) It includes factual pieces and imaginative stories on every celebration from weddings in Afghanistan to Turkish Hallowe'ens and the Buddhist festival Vesak. You can get your copy of Boom Bang, and lots of other quirky gifts made by local artists at the Hackney Pirates Ship of Adventures, 138 Kingsland High Street, East London. Thank you especially to the pirates who signed my copy!


Written by Chimaechi Ochei — December 13, 2015

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